I'm trying to help
by helping

From the videos to the blogs to the podcast to the stupid shit I post on TikTok, my goal is to help you by helping me. You see I'm fascinated with building great people and great businesses. That's why I study companies that stand out - people that excel - and I try to make you laugh sometimes because laughing keeps everything moving smoothly. The content I create helps me learn about something OR it acts as a platform for me to better articulate a thought I've had swirling around in my massive head (I do have a big ego ... but in this case I'm actually referring to the sheer girth of my cranium). If you're here reading this I fucking love ya for it. I'm hoping I've provided some sort of value to you in your life. I'm going to close off this little section by simply saying that this is my fucked up journey to success and I hope that it has helped you. I'd love to collaborate or chat.