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10 Life Laws For 2022

Every December we all reflect on the year that has just passed and make resolutions for the new year coming, we say things like "this is going to be MY year" and "I'm gonna finally get ______ this year". Unfortunately, most of us don't do a fucking thing. We regress to the mean of mediocrity. So in an attempt to ensure that I myself don't regress to a mean of shitty behavior, I've compiled this list of 10 laws for 2022.

  1. EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT - responsibility is power, it's why as responsibility increases you feel more in control of your life and once you accept the responsibility you generally feel happier. Taking responsibility also means that you have no one to blame - everything is now YOUR fault. That's okay, if something is your fault it means that you also have the power to fix it. In 2022 I challenge you to take responsibility for your life - even the bad shit.

  2. MOMENTUM - Have you ever been on a roll? As humans it's very hard for us to do something without seeing results, actually, it's nearly impossible. When we don't see results we are quick to give-up and make excuses like "it's not for me" or "it's not working" or "I guess I'm not good at ____". With that being said, when you start to see results do not fucking stop. The positive change, the momentum, will become addictive and next thing you know all that good shit will be like a massive snowball fucking hurling you down the hill. In 2022 I challenge you to generate momentum and keep it fuckin going.

  3. WATCH YOUR FRIENDS - This whole new you thing might be scary to some people. They might unconsciously try to slow you down. Look at it this way, if you and your buddies go to eat wings and drink beer every Friday while watching the game, it might be weird when you show up and order a salad and a water. This might cause your buddies to bust your balls "what the fuck is that rabbit food". Now is where you have a choice, you can be the fourth guy with bitch tits watching great athletes perform while you look like shit and your girlfriend fucks Chad Thunder Cock in Cuba, or, you can be the guy that laughs, eats your salad, and quietly mutters "I'll show you". In 2022 I challenge you to associate with winners and cause your friends to level up simply because they are in the presence of a fucking savage (you).

  4. CONTROL YOUR CONTROLLABLES - This one is simple; do not waste a fucking minute of your time worrying about anything that is out of your control. Focus on the controlling the things you can. For example; Muggsy Bogues didn't worry about the fact that he was only 5'3 - instead he just played a lot of fucking basketball and became one of the best ball stealers of all time. The result was that a man that was only 5'3 had a professional basketball career for 14 seasons. In 2022 I challenge you to focus on the things you can control and go all fucking in.

  5. TAKE YOUR DREAMS SERIOUSLY - It's 2022. When the fuck were you born? I was born in 1995 and that shit is making me feel older and fucking older every day. We have a limited amount of time on this rock and if you want to live your dream life you have to take that shit seriously. No fucking around about your dreams, no laughing about your dreams, non of that shit, you have a mission, you have a goal and you have a fucking responsibility to yourself to be all that you can be. In 2022 I challenge you to take your dreams very seriously.

  6. NO QUICK FIXES - Chasing quick fixes - 10 minute abs, $50'000 a month passive income from a 2 day course, a book on the secrets to meeting your soulmate - all that shit - actually causes you more time and frustration than doing the actual work would have. I'm not saying there isn't shortcuts or best practices that can help you - I'm simply saying - if it sounds too good to be true ... it probably is. In 2022 I challenge you to put in the fucking work.

  7. ACTION WILL REMEDY ALL - Now this isn't meant to suggest mindless action, be fucking thoughtful and intentional. But some of us get so fucking caught up in the thinking about it faze you never actually take the fucking action. Sometimes you fall in love with researching how to start a business you forget to actually start the fucking business. Analysis paralysis. You wanna be some egg head motherfucker reading books and jerking your dick or do you wanna be the one who actually does this shit? In 2022 I challenge you to take action even when the timing isn't perfect and you don't have all the information.

  8. SLEEP + DIET + EXCERCISE - These 3 things will massively improve every other aspect of your life. Protect these at all costs. In 2022 I challenge you to optimize your sleep, diet and exercise.

  9. DRINK LESS - Partying and getting fucked up can be a great time. However, there is a time and place. Celebrating a massive string of wins with a night out is acceptable - going out every weekend as a 25 year old is not. You are a fucking adult and unless you already have a couple milly in the bank - I'm not sure what the fuck you're celebrating for. You waste the night, you waste money, you fuck your diet, and you fuck the next day cause your hungover. In 2022 I challenge you to drink less.

  10. YOU SLEEP ALONE - At the end of the day you're the only person that truly has to live with your decisions. We all sleep alone. Make decisions that make you proud of yourself and you'll sleep like a baby. In 2022 I challenge you to make decisions that make you think "I'm a bad motherfucker".

Sprinkles Are For Winners.

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