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I Love Canada

All four of my grandparents immigrated to Canada. They came here because this beautiful country represented growth, opportunity, and freedom. I grew up very proud of my Italian heritage, but, I was always told and truly believed that I lived in the best fucking country in the world. I was and still am proud to be a fucking Canadian. When I would race cars in the states I would let those fucking yanks know they got smoked by a Canadian, I had a big ass red and white flag right on the front of my helmet. I was from that place with shit winters and the best fucking people. We toughed out the cold and it made us warm. We are overly polite but don't shy away from a good fist fight. We bitch about the weather year round but we just like bitching about it. We all have fallen on ice. We over fucking achieve considering our small population. We have the biggest artists (insert Canadian icon here - Drake - The Biebs ect.). The best athletes (GSP - Alphonso Davies ect.). The rest of the world secretly wishes they were us.

Now I'm scared that this awesome fucking country that I love is heading in the wrong direction and this is my attempt to change it. By it ... I mean us. This country is me and you. I love Canada SO I love you. I don't like how divided we are. Divided armies lose wars. Divided countries fall. Divided people perish. We need to stand together - as fucking Canadians.

Hear me out. If you stand on the right you aren't a trumpy, you aren't a racist, a bigot, an idiot or a selfish prick. If you stand on the left you aren't a pussy, a sheep, a communist, or fucking moron. You're a human who's made a decision that you think is in your best interest. That's fine. The problem is that the media is dividing us - it's making us hate the other side - we no longer listen to each other, instead, we just fucking name call. This is why we are divided and we aren't getting anywhere. Can we all agree on something? Life was better (overall) in 2019? Fair enough? Okay. So I'm going to safely assume that our collective goal is to get our freedom back. OUR GOAL ISN'T TO BE RIGHT OR TO WIN AN ARGUMENT IT'S TO GET OUR FUCKING FREEDOM BACK. Now is it safe to say that over the past 24 months, our elected officials have done a fucking terrible job of getting our freedom back; especially compared to some of our neighbors to the south? Okay - some of you are shaking your head NO, but, I'd argue that we've killed the economy, killed peoples mental health, vaccinated 90% of the population and we are still at square one. A divided nation and no results moving us closer to normalcy sounds like poor decision making and a failure of leadership.

So where do we begin - how do we repair this fucking beauty of a country. It starts with us. It starts with us having conversations - turn off the fucking TV and talk to your neighbor. Call up your sister in-law that has different views and see how she's doing. Stop telling and start listening. We need to begin rebuilding this country by rebuilding the relationships we have with one another. This country is ours - me and you make up this country and the only way to repair it is to begin to approach one another with empathy and compassion. Please go speak to a fellow Canadian - not to a this or a that - to a neighbor, to a friend, to an ally. Sprinkles Are For Canadians.

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